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Everything you need to know about our AI-powered study system that adapts to you. AceIt makes it easy to practice every day. Just answer a few questions during downtime in your day – on your afterschool, during lunch, or in between activities.

How to Start Learning with AceIt

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See your baseline scores and dive into the detailed breakdown identifying strengths and weaknesses. This reveals what to focus on.

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A Roadmap Built Just For You

Our AI algorithms design personalized practice questions catered to you based on your initial diagnostic exam results. By analyzing areas where you excel versus topics you struggle with, AceIt can deliver customized questions to target your weaknesses. The more you use the system, the more precisely it can tailor practice questions to you. AceIt ensures you get quality practice where you need it most so you can continuously improve.

Short, regular practice sessions are scientifically proven to be more effective for long-term retention than cramming. By building your skills gradually, you'll be amazed by how much you've improved.

Practice That Adapts To Your Needs

AceIt doesn’t just score your practice questions – it goes much deeper. The AI tutor provides detailed, step-by-step explanations for each question to help you actually understand the right approach. No more guessing blindly at why an answer is correct or incorrect. With AceIt’s insights, you’ll fully grasp the problem-solving process. 

Our AI is designed to break down questions and walk you through methodology like an expert human tutor – helping you master concepts. It provides step-by-step explanations for every question so you actually learn from your mistakes. Simply ask AceIt to elaborate or explain an answer. 

Still struggling with a particular concept? Keep practicing questions on that topic. AceIt’s adaptive algorithms serve you an unlimited supply of practice questions targeting your weak areas. The more you practice your trouble spots, the more AceIt will continue generating relevant questions so you can close knowledge gaps. Focused practice helps shore up deficiencies.

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See Yourself Improve

AceIt’s advanced analytics track your overall progress and project your potential exam score improvement over time. Dynamic visualizations allow you to monitor your growth in different topics. Stay motivated as you watch your projected score rise with consistent practice. Our goal is to help you maximize your capabilities. 


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At this time, AceIt only includes practice questions in the chat format. There are unlimited questions for students to practice with. However, we are working on incorporating full-length practice tests so students can have both questions in chat format and the timed test format.

Currently, AceIt is designed as a website accessible by both desktop and mobile.

Yes! There are sections devoted to SAT Math, SAT Reading and Writing, ACT Math, ACT Science, ACT English, and ACT Reading. Within each subject, there are categories so students can focus on the specific topic they need help with.

We built a system that interfaces with foundational LLMs to facilitate conversations between the user and the AceIt bot. We can plug in various generative AI models to this system and rapidly experiment in order to evaluate which foundation model can deliver the most helpful, conversational, and natural-sounding study buddy for users. Hints are generated by AI and answer explanations are augmented by AI. 

For a given question we “show” the model additional information pertaining to the question. This results in higher quality, more specific, more relevant responses and reduces the risk of the model veering off in its response. This data will also be collected and used to improve the efficacy of responses and improve our ability to generate content. Additionally, all questions and answers are human-verified to ensure accuracy. 

All questions and answers are human-verified to ensure accuracy. In addition, we plan to launch live 1:1 virtual tutoring as a paid add-on at some point so that students could meet with a live tutor as needed to go over strategies and preparation more in-depth.

AceIt is completely student-paced, meaning they determine how much to use it. Since it’s available 24/7, users can determine a certain number of minutes a day to study. AceIt’s system learns from users’ interactions with practice questions and with the AceIt bot. Over time it can make personalized recommendations of questions targeted to a student’s proficiency level and goals, provide predictive scores, and tailor its persona to resonate with the particular student to accelerate their learning.