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Learn All About Boston College Acceptance Rate, SAT & ACT Scores

Discover the Boston College admissions requirements and check valuable insights on how to improve your application for success!
How to get into Boston College


When it comes to choosing a university, Boston College is on many students’ lists. Yet, let’s be honest: it may seem like a tough challenge to get in. Still, once you know the admissions requirements, acceptance rate, and the standardized test scores you should aim for, everything gets simpler. That’s why we’ve prepared some practical tips to help you succeed.

After reading this blog, you’ll have a much better understanding of what Boston College expects from applicants, bringing you one step closer to your dream university. So, read on! 

Breaking Down the Boston College Acceptance Rate 

Let’s get a bigger picture first. The university let in only 15% of the applicants who wanted to join the class of 2027. This was the lowest rate ever! That’s a sign of the competitive landscape the university is keeping through the decades. You might be wondering, what was before? 

For the class of 2026, Boston College accepted 16.7% of students, which doesn’t make a big difference. For the 2025 class, this number was 18.9%. Now you can see the overall tendency as the years pass – it’s becoming tougher to get into Boston College. That’s why it is believed to be one of the highly selective universities. 

Class ofTotal applicationsAccepted studentsAcceptance Rate

Your Checklist for Boston College Average SAT Scores

Another aspect applicants usually worry about is their SAT scores. Yet, you have to know that Boston College offers a test-optional admission policy now, so you can decide whether to send your SAT or ACT scores when applying. The average SAT score for admitted students typically falls within the range of 1370 to 1490. To be more precise, the score of the 25th percentile is 1370 on the new SAT, while the 75th percentile score is 1490.

Even though standardized test score submission isn’t required, you have to make sure that all of the colleges you want to apply to have the same policy. Most likely, they won’t, and you will still have to write your exams. Yet again, double-check this aspect to avoid any disappointments. If you know that you will write your SAT and send it to Boston College, how can you improve your score? 

  • Set a goal. As we mentioned, Boston College students usually score between 1370 and 1490 on the SATs. So, aim for a score that is at least in that range.
  • Start early. To do well, start preparing for your SAT test in advance. You can use study books, train with online practice tools, or even get a tutor if you need extra help. 
  • Pick the right date. Choose a test date that gives you enough time to prepare. 
  • Time management. When you’re taking the SAT, remember it has time limits. Practice to use your time wisely when preparing. This way, you can figure out ways to work through each part of the test without running out of time.
  • Plan to try again. If you don’t get the score you need the first time, don’t give up. Lots of students take the SAT more than once to do better. Look at how you did, fill in the knowledge gaps, and think about retaking the test. With the right preparation, you can do it!

Test Alternative: Boston College Average ACT Scores

If you prefer taking the ACT over the SAT, you should know that students who get admitted get an average ACT score between 32 and 35. What does that mean? You should set this range as your target. First things first – make sure you are well-prepared. A great place to start is discovering the structure and requirements of the exam. 

Doing great in your exam isn’t that hard if you study consistently and have a strategic approach. Your ACT scores are important, but it’s not the only thing that matters, especially for a test-optional college. Do well in your school classes, join extracurricular activities, and learn how to write great application essays to show the admissions committee who you really are. 

The Importance of Your GPA

Your high school class (9th, 10th, and 11th grades) performance is a vital part of getting into BC. You are going to need excellent grades —  almost all A’s, as the average GPA is 3.96. But if your GPA is lower, don’t worry. Instead, try to hit higher ACT/SAT scores to show you’re putting an effort into your studies. This will make you a stronger candidate compared to many others.

Besides, powerful letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, or mentors can be a great plus. They provide insights into your character, work ethic, and potential contributions to the BC community. These are crucial because the Boston College admissions committee considers more than your GPA. They review all aspects of your application, including personal qualities and ambitions.

Source: Univstats

Boston College Admissions: Essential Data You Need to Know

Early Decision vs. Regular Decision 

Boston College offers both early decision and regular decision application options. 

  • Early decision means you have to cancel applications to all other schools.
  • A regular decision lets you choose later. 

If BC is your dream place and your first choice, it will be easier to decide. Besides, they usually admit early applicants more often: over 40% of the recent first-year students used ED. Want a better chance of getting in? Apply early! 

Stay Informed

Keep an eye on BC news and updates. If you know the university’s latest developments, you will be able to improve your application. For example, you must know: 

  • The university doesn’t do interviews. So, to make a good impression, write great essays and get recommendations that show who you are.
  • Boston College doesn’t care much if you show interest in contacting them, connecting on social media, or visiting. 

Show What Makes You Special 

When you write your essays, explain what makes you different. Share your own stories, experiences, and achievements you are proud of. Boston College is looking for students with great aspirations and similar values. They will definitely pay attention to your talent and personality, so don’t be afraid to show that. 


Understanding the Boston College acceptance rate and its details is the first step to entering BC as a student. But remember, it requires more than just good grades. If you plan carefully, you can improve your chances of becoming a student at Boston College. Be consistent in your studies, carefully prepare for the ACT or SAT, and get closer to your dream.



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