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Can You Retake the SAT? Everything You Need To Know!

Explore SAT retake options. Weigh in the pros and cons, then make sure you plan your prep time. Learn everything you need to know about SAT retakes here!
Can you retake the SAT?

The SAT is pivotal in your college admissions journey and getting into your dream college. Whether you want to improve your SAT scores or just know your options before taking the SAT, it’s normal to ask this question: “Can you retake the SAT?”. It’s a resounding yes! Now, the next question to ask is “Should you sign up for an SAT retake?” This article is a comprehensive guide to help you explore your options and whether retaking SAT should be part of that option for you.

Can You Retake the SAT? 

The good news is that you can retake the SAT! The Scholastic Assessment Test (or the SAT) is a standardized exam used by colleges and universities as one of the many factors to assess whether a student is ready for college. While your SAT score is not the sole determining factor on whether you’ll get into your target college, it helps your chances of getting in with a great SAT score. 

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Students are often considering an SAT retake especially when they think that their SAT scores can improve drastically by taking the tests multiple times. With an SAT retake, students can improve their test-taking strategies and show how committed they are. Understandably, retaking the SAT sounds enticing to you, but always remember that you have to weigh a lot of factors. That’s what this article is for, so don’t worry!

What Are Important Things To Know When You Retake the SAT?

Before deciding whether you should be retaking the SAT, you need to know the retake limits and other policies that College Board might have. Don’t worry, College Board has set clear policies on SAT retakes to maintain fairness amongst your fellow test takers.

How Many Times Can I Retake the SAT?

You can retake the SAT as many times as you like! The College Board allows you to retake the SAT multiple times and they offer the exam on multiple dates across each year. This also means that you’ll have a chance to check your first attempt’s score before scheduling another retake. Just make sure that you allot enough time to account for your target date to apply to colleges, the SAT results’ schedule, as well as the time you have to prepare for your next SAT retake.

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Check your target college and universities’ policies on multiple SAT retake as well. Some universities require you to submit all your SAT scores. Some colleges allow for superscoring where you can submit your highest SAT score. College Board allows you to send your highest SAT score, so that gives SAT retakes more appealing. 

Can I Send Part of My SAT Scores From Different Test Dates?

Let’s say you excelled in the Math section the last time you took the exam and did exceptionally well in the English section on your next SAT retake, can you send these scores separately? No, College Board allows you to send your highest overall SAT score but not a specific section’s score alone. This shows the importance of maximizing the waiting period between SAT dates to invest time for focused preparation. Use your SAT and practice test scores to identify your weak areas. Ensure that you notice progress during your prep time before scheduling another retake.

Are There Ways To Save On SAT Retake Fees?

SAT and retake fees can pile up, so this is a valid concern for students and their families who are struggling financially. College Board offers fee waiver benefits that include more than one SAT attempt! This means that if your family’s income qualifies for a fee waiver, you’ll have a chance to have your next SAT retake fee waived. This is to ensure that if taking the SAT again might be a financial burden, College Board can at least help ease the cost of retaking SAT.

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College Board’s fee waiver benefits offer beneficiaries two free SATs, so if you’re qualified for a fee waiver, schedule your next SAT attempt strategically. Allot enough time to prepare for your next retake to maximize your chance of getting a higher score. Of course, if an SAT retake is part of your plans, keep your SAT resource materials and invest in quality prep tools to help you have a higher score.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Retaking the SAT?

Retaking the SAT will require additional time, effort, energy, and resources from you. This is why you need to weigh the pros and cons of retaking the exam. Ensure that you give yourself enough time to reflect on the advantages and disadvantages before scheduling the next exam.

What Are the Advantages of Retaking the SAT?

1. It increases your chances of getting into your target college.
One of the most compelling reasons why students want to retake the SAT is for an improved SAT score. With an improved score, your college prospects increase. If you’re aiming for a competitive institution, then retaking the SAT for higher scores is essential.

2. Retaking the SAT shows your ability to grow and improve.
For colleges that require you to submit all your scores, retaking the SAT resulting in an improved score shows your commitment. It reflects your willingness to do the work if it means academic growth and improvement. That is a key characteristic that colleges look out for in their applicants.

3. More chances of getting merit-based scholarships.
If retaking the SAT means having a higher score, you might even grab those desired merit-based financial assistance. By submitting higher scores, you might qualify for more scholarship programs. Who doesn’t want reduced college fees?

What Are the Disadvantages of Retaking the SAT?

1. Retaking the SAT also means prolonging your SAT prep.
Remember the amount of time and effort that you spent on that first SAT attempt. Now, see if you can commit to the same rigor for the next months in preparation for your next SAT retake. Ensure that you have enough time for your extracurricular activities, school requirements, and SAT prep time. Equip yourself with helpful tools to cope with the stress that comes with it.

2. You might reach an SAT score plateau. Ideally, you get higher scores with more retakes. However, you might reach a point where the improvement is measurably significant. When this happens, you might reach your SAT score plateau. Taking another retake might cause you to feel frustrated and disappointed. 

3. There’s still the financial cost to consider.
Remember that with more prep time, you’ll need more materials and resources. Even with fee waivers, these costs still add up and the number of retakes is limited. This is why it’s important to be intentional whenever you attempt another SAT retake.

How Do I Maximize My Next SAT Attempt?

To maximize your next SAT retake, be strategic with your preparation period. Leverage your strengths, work on your weak areas, and be intentional with your study schedule and routine. 

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Here are a few more ways to ensure that you make the most out of your SAT retake:

1. Design a study plan that works for you. Now that you know what to expect during the SAT, address all your weak areas. Use your past results to see how you can optimize your study plan this time. By being intentional with your schedule, you are allocating your time and energy efficiently.

2. Utilize quality and comprehensive resources. Invest in quality resources and ensure that your prep tools cover all sections of the SAT. Use College Board’s practice tests for evaluation and invest your time in quality practice questions. There are now AI-powered online tools like AceIt to help you through your prep time. It offers unlimited practice questions, 24/7 support from its chatbot, and is capable to tweak the questions so it helps target your weak areas for you. Its performance tracker can also help you identify where else you can improve.

3. Seek peer and expert support. Whenever you’re struggling with a topic or need more tools to cope with test jitters, it helps to have someone on your side. Form a study group with your friends who are also preparing for the SAT. Seek advice from mentors, counselors, and tutors to help you gain helpful insights as you prepare for your next SAT retake attempt.

Final Thoughts for Your SAT Retake

Consider all the factors before scheduling your next SAT retake. Be strategic and intentional throughout your SAT prep time. Invest in quality practice tests, resources, and innovative tools like AceIt. Remember that you don’t have to be alone throughout this journey, so reach out to your peers, mentors, and study group. You got this!



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