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Can You Retake the ACT? Everything You Need To Know!

Can you retake the ACT? Time to weigh the pros and cons of retaking the exam. Learn how you can make a significant difference in your ACT performance.
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So you’ve taken the ACT and want to improve your scores. You’re now wondering, “Can I retake the ACT?”. Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are a lot of students asking the same question. With the hope of submitting their best score, many students would consider retaking it. It’s time that once and for all, we uncover everything we need to know about an ACT retake!

Can You Retake the ACT? 

You can retake the ACT – yes, and it’s a resounding yes! The American College Test ( commonly known as the ACT) allows students to retake the exam. 

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Retaking the exam may show your commitment to grow academically. Consider different factors before making that final decision and schedule a retake. 

  1. Weigh the pros and cons of retaking the ACT.
  2. Know the process of retaking the ACT.
  3. See if your schedule can account for additional ACT prep.
  4. Understand what to expect when you decide to retake the ACT.

Luckily for you, you’ve reached the right article! Why don’t we break down everything you need to know? It’s time to explore all your options and make the best decision for yourself.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Retaking the ACT?

While retaking the ACT can give a lot of advantages, it also comes with challenges. This is why you need to weigh your decision on an ACT retake. Weigh in on the pros and cons before making a final decision.

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Advantages of Taking the ACT Again

  1. Improved ACT Score: According to the ACT, 57% of the retakers have improved composite scoring.  This is why retaking the ACT is compelling for a lot of students. Of course, a higher ACT score might mean a higher chance of getting into your target universities.
  2. More Scholarship Options: Colleges and universities offer merit-based scholarships. Getting a higher ACT score gives you the chance to earn more financial aid.
  3. Increase Your College Admission Chances: There are universities that super score, meaning that they choose your highest ACT score. By retaking the ACT, you’ll have more chances to have better scores to submit to universities. 
  4. More Focused Preparation:  You might have a lesser time to prepare before your previous ACT exam. If this was the case, retaking the ACT can be beneficial for you. Just make sure that you become more intentional when you prepare for the next ACT retake.

Factors To Consider Before Retaking the ACT

  1. More Time and Effort: When planning to retake the ACT, remember that you will be expending time and effort to prepare for it. With a target of getting a higher score, this might even mean spending more energy this time around. Ensure you can give both time and effort to that!
  2. Managing Test Pressure: If you tend to feel anxious when taking a big exam like the ACT, ensure you have equipped yourself with coping mechanisms. Reach out to a counselor if you need more help to manage the stress and pressure you might feel.
  3. Diminishing Returns: If you already have a high score or you aim to only improve your score by a few notches, review whether retaking is worth the time and effort.
  4. Financial Costs: Of course, retaking the ACT also means additional costs for your preparation and the actual test taking. Make sure to allot enough for the retake fees if you plan for a few more ACT retakes.

Take the time to weigh the pros and cons, whatever you decide, remember that this journey is yours alone. Whatever decision you make, always remember that you know yourself better than anyone. Explore your options and if you do decide to retake the ACT, we’ve prepared some information to help you get started!

How Do You Begin Your ACT Retake Journey?

Luckily for you, scheduling an ACT retake is a straightforward process! Head over to ACT’s website and register for an upcoming ACT date of your choice. Choose the test date wisely and ensure you have enough time to prepare for the exam and get your score in time for college admissions.

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In the past, students can retake specific sections of the ACT, but this no longer applies for 2023. When preparing for your next retake, allow for enough time to review all sections. The good thing is, you’ve already tested before so you have an idea of what to expect during the test date!

How To Be Strategic With Your ACT Retake?

Make the most of your ACT retake by being strategic during your prep time. By the time you register for another test date, set up a study plan. Invest in your preparation this time to ensure that the resources you allot for the retake are worth it. 

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Find study groups, commit to your prep schedule, and continuously improve your practice test scores. Invest in online resources such as AceIt, an innovative AI-powered ACT prep tool, to help you meet your goals.

Through AceIt, you’ll have access to unlimited practice questions for all sections of the ACT. It adapts based on your learning progress and tweaks the questions based on your needs.  It can also help you track your current progress with its ability to analyze your performance data. Before even taking the ACT again, you know how you’re progressing. AceIt will help you feel more confident and prepare for your next ACT retake. By equipping yourself with the right strategies, mindset, and resources, you’ll surely ace your next ACT retake!

Final Thoughts for Your ACT Retake

As we’ve established in the article, yes, you can always retake the ACT! But of course, this is not a light decision to make. Make sure you have weighed all the factors before scheduling the next test date. Ensure that you have quality resources like AceIt, enough time for targeted preparation, and put in all the effort you can give as you plan for your ACT retake. Don’t worry, with your dedication and the right resources, you’ll see significant improvement on your next ACT exam!



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