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What if we could harness the power of AI to provide thousands of ACT & SAT practice problems to you whenever you needed it?

Meet AceIt. 

Chat with our bot and get not only clear answer explanations and similar types of practice problems to focus on but ask it more nuanced follow-up questions and get smart tips and tricks to acing the test. 

The technology
behind AceIt

AceIt leverages artificial intelligence to provide an engaging personalized study experience through chat. By showing AI models additional context for questions, AceIt generates targeted explanations and recommendations tailored to users’ needs. This results in more specific and relevant responses than typical chatbots while reducing tangents. 

The AI tutor explains answers step-by-step, provides tips for tricky questions, dives deeper into topics than static resources, learns from interactions, and makes customized recommendations to advance students’ skills. Additionally, all questions and answers are human-verified to ensure accuracy.

Unlimited Questions

Never run out of questions with AceIt’s massive database of practice questions. 

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Keep track of how you’re performing overall and in each section of the exam. 

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With the AceIt web app, your SAT prep is available anywhere, anytime. 

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Test your knowledge and see how you would perform during the exam. 

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See your projected score for the whole exam and each section.

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Years of Experience

AceIt is a product by Juni Learning, an award-winning education technology company headquartered in San Francisco. We’re a team with experience from Google, Stanford, and MIT passionate about educating students around the world.

Dedication to students

Our mission is to build learning experiences that foster curiosity and empower students of all ages. We’re now leveraging the work we’ve done for 5+ years educating young students with live STEM classes to build even more scalable education tools.


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At this time, AceIt only includes practice questions in the chat format. There are unlimited questions for students to practice with. However, we are working on incorporating full-length practice tests so students can have both questions in chat format and the timed test format.

Currently, AceIt is designed as a website accessible by both desktop and mobile.

Yes! There are sections devoted to SAT Math, SAT Reading and Writing, ACT Math, ACT Science, ACT English, and ACT Reading. Within each subject, there are categories so students can focus on the specific topic they need help with.

We built a system that interfaces with foundational LLMs to facilitate conversations between the user and the AceIt bot. We can plug in various generative AI models to this system and rapidly experiment in order to evaluate which foundation model can deliver the most helpful, conversational, and natural-sounding study buddy for users. Hints are generated by AI and answer explanations are augmented by AI. 

For a given question we “show” the model additional information pertaining to the question. This results in higher quality, more specific, more relevant responses and reduces the risk of the model veering off in its response. This data will also be collected and used to improve the efficacy of responses and improve our ability to generate content. Additionally, all questions and answers are human-verified to ensure accuracy. 

All questions and answers are human-verified to ensure accuracy. In addition, we plan to launch live 1:1 virtual tutoring as a paid add-on at some point so that students could meet with a live tutor as needed to go over strategies and preparation more in-depth.

AceIt is completely student-paced, meaning they determine how much to use it. Since it’s available 24/7, users can determine a certain number of minutes a day to study. AceIt’s system learns from users’ interactions with practice questions and with the AceIt bot. Over time it can make personalized recommendations of questions targeted to a student’s proficiency level and goals, provide predictive scores, and tailor its persona to resonate with the particular student to accelerate their learning.